Nigel Evan Dennis
New Americana b​/​w Ceremony

"New Americana" is a commentary on eroding American political aptitude, a decaying sense of individuality, and a rediscovery of self. Coupled with "Ceremony" as a more introspective counterpart of growth experiences, these songs mark a new era and an exciting statement for the project Tongueless.

The songs were written, recorded and performed with musical partners Mike Brown and Adam Dausch throughout 2020-2021 in Nashville, TN and Chicago, IL.


Written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed by Nigel Evan Dennis

Drums — Adam Dausch

Piano + other noise — Mike Brown

"New Americana" mastered by Joshua Eustis

"Ceremony" mastered by Nigel Evan Dennis

Artwork — Nigel Evan Dennis

Typography — Michael Cina