Nigel Evan Dennis
US Army
What's Your Warrior?
Creative Direction
Art Direction

In an effort to bolster recruitment efforts, the United States Army charged our team with a tall task — reintroduce the Army to a generation that was coming to terms with the prospective career options available to them. 'What's Your Warrior?' became a powerful call for a generation eager to make a positive impact on their communities and their future.

“What’s Your Warrior?” challenges prospects to reevaluate what a life in uniform might look like. To transform that interest into intent, prospects must understand not only thatthe Army offers lots of career choices, but that the Army has specific options that align with their personal interests and goals.

Across 9 agencies, the campaign covered multiple channels and allowed for large scale collaboration across the spectrum of partners — from broadcast, to print, to digital. And it paid off — 20x increase in social conversations, +65% in website visits, and +200% increase in leads.

Director — FILFURY

Production & Design — The Mill

Photography — Coty Tarr

Agency — Team DDB Chicago