Nigel Evan Dennis
Digital Experience
Cargo X
Creative Direction
Art Direction

Creating an online experience showcasing the off-road ready Nissan Cargo van with off-road enthusiast and influencer Ian Johnson was an ambitious project that required a deep understanding of the van's capabilities and the needs of its target audience. In addition to designing an immersive and interactive experience with full branding and identity, the project involved filming over 100 hours of footage to create a compelling mini-documentary that showcased the van's rugged capabilities and versatility.

The result was a visually stunning and engaging online experience that not only highlighted the van's features and benefits but also told a powerful story about the thrill of off-road adventure. Viewers were taken on a thrilling journey through rough terrain of the Arizona desert and challenging obstacles, choosing their own path through the content, demonstrating the van's ability to handle even the toughest situations.


Agency — Critical Mass