Nigel Evan Dennis
Digital Experience
US Army
Career Match
Creative Direction
Art Direction

A majority of prospects are unaware of the vast spectrum of talents and skills desired and valued by the US Army.

Career Match does what it says it does. It helps prospects quickly narrow over 200 career options, many with confusing names and even more confusing alpha-numeric designations to a relevant subset by answering 3-simple questions. Benefits information is similarly presented in the context of career choices so that prospects can quickly see that Army service isn’t a last resort but actually a career of choice in dozens of fields.

Most prospects assume the opportunity is not for them and never even attempt to ask basic questions like "what would I do in the Army" or "can the benefits possibly outweigh the commitment?" Career Match sought to change that — and succeeded.

Since the launch, users who submitted a contact form on increased by 16%. Users who engaged with Army Career Match were more likely to contact the Army, both within the experience and through other methods across the site. And the Army Career Match contact form had a 3.1x higher completion rate than the standard form. Overall, 84% of users who completed the quiz continued to view and explore their personalized career content. And finally, leads from Army Career Match were 1.4x more likely to sign a contract than other leads on


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