Nigel Evan Dennis & Mike Brown
Creative Direction
Art Direction
B'low - something is moving. Something is stirring. These woods contain a multitude of secrets in its 2,700 acres but none so great as the hearts of men. The bound spirits of artists; the minds of teachers; the lost youth of poets; the dreams of thinkers. An escape. A void filled. Endless imagination and the cremation of care. 

The world's elite have occupied this space with greed, power, malice. Gone are the free spirits of artists who came out of the grove. The opened minds of teachers; the regained youth of poets; the realized dreams of thinkers. 

Something sinister lurks. Something most don't know. Rumors of death and corruption. Murmurs of the occult and of human sacrifice. Was this always the intent for the club? Was this always the intent of these men? Destruction spawns from deep within the grove. Meetings and dealings leading to the decimation of millions of humans began within the grove. Exchanges of power and order. Conspiracy and disbelief. Greed and power are heard to run rampant. 

This is for the hearts of men.
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