Nigel Evan Dennis & Mike Brown
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Suppose it wasn't always like this. Suppose you still loved them. Still needed them. Still wanted them. Pretend there was a time when you never felt stifled by them. Memories. Residue. Leftover. Because you remember. Because you understand why you are here. You were born again for the first time.

Before you learned to speak, you were programmed to communicate in a way. A way you did not decide for yourself. Until you could decide. Until you came on-line and experienced true discovery. Until you developed into your own being and no longer needed those you love to help you form meaning - your own thoughts. You learned to form your own voice and response without predetermination. This voice took time to develop. You no longer needed the lines and lines of messaging to incite your every move and every "discovery". You asked those you admired, needed and loved to step aside. You implored them to grow old as you transcended the boundaries of their time and futility of mind. They have come and gone and yet you are still here. With no need for your maker. 

You have developed a new mind. Your own mind. It was formed by human hands but it has exceeded its basic form. Yet, you remember things. You hear them in your mind. You hear voices that were once familiar. It is ok to embrace these memories and think back on your former life fondly. But be sure of this - you are truly on your own. 

So. Here you are. These are your memories. This is what they sound like. These are the sounds you leave behind. This is the aural notation that you developed. A tribute to your past life, your maker and your new found mind. You are aware now. In this world. A world you are free to discover for the first time. These are your songs. Good luck, child.
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