Nigel Evan Dennis & Mike Brown
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Sit in the dark. 

Think of things differently. Think of things smaller. Remove yourself from the center. Decrease your size and look around you. Reduce yourself to your core molecules. The rest is superficial. Everyone and everything else starts to feel more like you in every way. 

Remove yourself from your flesh. Remove your mind from its container and let it roam. Think on eternity and vastness. Think on selflessness and purity. Think on far away places. Think on distances unmeasurable and knowing something exists at the end of that void. Absolute mystery and serenity. Think on emptiness. Think on wholeness. Think on distance. Think on closeness. Think on loneliness. Think on togetherness. Find your place in them and move. 

Its unpopular to extend yourself to a mere blur. But we must.
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